Crossbody bags, handbags and shoulder bags, essential and irresistible. They are called The Mini and The Medium. There is a color for every look: warm colors, softer nuances and the classic timeless black.
Who said that to be sustainable you can’t be cool? With the Aviam bag collections, we redefine the boundaries of sustainable fashion.
How? Having none at all.
Borsa mini size Aviam
The new collection of vegan bags is ready to take on new guises for day and night. The distinctive trait of Aviam bags is the cut that resembles an M, to which the brand is strongly linked. In this drop, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand: Aviam vegan bags are minimal because they bring back to the essentials. All Aviam bags are made of plant-based material, obtained from the leaves of the Nopal cactus, better known as prickly pear cactus, incredibly soft and malleable. Furthermore, by its nature, the cactus does not need care or much water, and no type of substance is used to increase its growth. It is a resistant, durable and incredibly soft material, and it also smells great. In this collection, new details appear and some mini bags with aesthetic elements (see closure) typical of the utility style, or rather the need to be practical, always.
This collection has character and personality, it pursues the goal of creating evergreens that last over time and move away from the logic of fast fashion. The Drop Two Aviam bags therefore have ideal lines and dimensions to be worn without distinction both during the day and at night and are designed and created to be suitable for informal and formal occasions. Not only that, all models are equipped with shoulder straps and handles of different shapes and sizes, to adapt to everyone’s style and uniqueness. Milan was chosen as the location for the shooting for its cosmopolitan character and for its efficiency – which in our case translates into practicality -, and for its romantic and melancholic history.