AVIAM is an Italian brand founded in 2022 by the fashion designer Paola D’antonio.
Her passion for fashion started when she was a little girls. At the age of seven, she asked her grandmother
to sew a crochet co-ord set for her.
After her graduation at the IUAD in Naples with a final dissertation on sustainable fashion materials, she
took a master degree in fashion design at the Marangoni institute in Milan. After different experiences
abroad, she came back to her hometown in Italy and she founded AVIAM.


The essence and image of the brand reflects the history and personal background of the designer. The
name has a precise meaning: it represents a tribute to his grandmother, Aviam is in fact a Latin word that
means grandmother.
“She gave me a sewing machine as a present, it was the first one I ever had. She was my muse and my
number 1 fan. I used to love opening her wardrobe and borrowing her clothes. Every dress or bag had a
story and I used to listen to every single one of them.
I would like my bags to last, pass from hand to hand, from grandmother to grandaughter”



For AVIAM, sustainability is a way of being. The material of the Aviam bags is made from the leaves of the Nopal cactus, better known as prickly pear, and is an excellent alternative to leather. The cactus does not naturally need a lot of water and no pesticides or herbicides are used during its growth. This material has also received numerous awards: Green Product Award, MCFW Sustainable Fashion Award, PETA
Compassionate Business Award, Good Design Award, Innovation Award.
The inside of the bag is lined with a 100% Organic cotton.
We want to offer an excellent alternative in terms of quality and design to leather products on the market.
The entire packaging is made of recycled, biodegradable and recyclable paper.
AVIAM loves the planet and for this reason it joins the “Plant a tree” initiative. For each package, are more the trees are planted than the ones used to produce it.
Our goal? To become a sustainable brand, with 100% sustainably sourced or recycled materials.